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Why A Vacation To St. Petersburg Will Be One Of Your Favorites

If snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, and seeing a beautiful sunset are things that you would like to you on a vacation, St. Petersburg is the place to be. Right next to Tampa Bay, and a stones throw from the Gulf of Mexico, you have so many water activities that are available for you. This is a place that people go because they understand they can take tours on the water in high-speed boats, and also go on luxury yachts that will pamper them for a couple of hours. If you need to take a vacation, and water-based activities are what you are looking for, the following excursions can be done while you vacation in St. Petersburg

Two Hour Dolphins Snorkeling Cruise

You may have heard of people that have come back from a vacation stating that they swam with dolphins, but you may not believe tha...

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When Visting St Petersburg Consider These 2 Dining Establishments

When on vacation, are you overwhelmed with the number of food options available to you? It’s a problem that many people have when spending time in an unfamiliar town like St. Petersburg Florida. Because you only have a limited time to get the most out of your vacation, Since you can’t eat everywhere, you want to try to make the best of your trip by eating at the best wplaces you can. Below you’ll learn about two restaurants you should consider visiting while in St. Petersburg Florida.

If you’re like most people, you like to eat at nice restaurants when visiting a new town on vacation. But if you aren’t familiar with the town you’re visiting, you may not know which restaurants to try...

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Why Choose St. Petersburg Florida For A Vacation With Your Family?

Have you ever gone to the state of Florida before? If you have, you have likely been to the Florida Keys, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or even Tallahassee. A place that you may not have gone in St. Petersburg, a city that is very close to Tampa on the other side of Tampa Bay. For those that have been to the West Coast of Florida before, you will know that you will see beautiful sunsets, and you can gain access to boats that will show you dolphins and manatees. This is exactly what you will experience, and so much more, when you spend a week or more in St. Petersburg Florida

Why Should This Be Perfect For Families?

When you think of a Florida vacation that is geared for kids, you are always going to think about Orlando...

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