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Photos: Keith Thurman Talks Boxing With The Philadelphia Phillies

CLEARWATER, FL – Keith Thurman, the current unified WBA and WBC Welterweight World Champion, was a guest of the Philadelphia Phillies prior to their Tampa Bay Rays game in Clearwater, FL yesterday. (Photos from Douglas De Felice/Prime 360 Photography).

Thurman spoke to the team prior to the game about his philosophy in boxing, and shared his personal success story of learning how to box in the Clearwater Parks and Recreation program to now being the unified welterweight champion. The Phillies beat the Rays, 6-3.

Thurman was invited to speak to the team by Phillies Manager Gabe Kapler, who heard Thurman speak at the Clearwater for Youth awards banquet where Keith received the “Champion for Youth” award...

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MLB vs. Florida: When the league protested segregated living quarters during spring training

From left: Wes Convington, Hank Aaron, and Bob Hazle of the Milwaukee Braves, 1957.

Major League Baseball wanted its black and white players to integrate at team hotels and venues during spring training. The state of Florida did not want integration.

That’s how 12 of MLB’s 18 teams found themselves in the middle of an intense standoff during this week in 1961. Whispers about pulling out of the Sunshine State and moving spring training to states like California or Arizona were beginning to sound less like rumors and more like the league’s resolution to the issue.

MLB’s leadership drew its line in the sand that its black players deserved, at the minimum, the right to live and eat with their white counterparts during spring training...

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Gunman ‘Picked the Wrong Person,’ Florida Real Estate Agent Says

Florida police released surveillance video showing a person of interest in the attacks on two real estate agents.

The footage, recorded at a Walmart store, shows a man wearing a white shirt and slacks.

The attacks happened Wednesday in St. Petersburg. The first victim, who fears the release of her identity, told ABC News a man put her in handcuffs, and then put on his gloves.

The man then called her husband, demanding $50,000. Her husband said no.

“My first thought is, ‘I am going to die,’ my second thought, ‘Was he going to hurt me?’” the woman said.

“He just really couldn’t wrap his head around the whole situation that I wasn’t going to bow to his demands, and he just picked the wrong person,” she said.

The man scheduled the first appointment for 1 p.m...

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