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Gunman ‘Picked the Wrong Person,’ Florida Real Estate Agent Says

Florida police released surveillance video showing a person of interest in the attacks on two real estate agents.

The footage, recorded at a Walmart store, shows a man wearing a white shirt and slacks.

The attacks happened Wednesday in St. Petersburg. The first victim, who fears the release of her identity, told ABC News a man put her in handcuffs, and then put on his gloves.

The man then called her husband, demanding $50,000. Her husband said no.

“My first thought is, ‘I am going to die,’ my second thought, ‘Was he going to hurt me?’” the woman said.

“He just really couldn’t wrap his head around the whole situation that I wasn’t going to bow to his demands, and he just picked the wrong person,” she said.

The man scheduled the first appointment for 1 p.m...

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