Petersburg mom of 18-month-old who fell out window thanks community for prayers

Kyree Ross, 18 months, fell out of a second-story window April 12 and had little to no injuries (Source: NBC12)


A Petersburg mother is thanking the community and God after her 18-month-old-son survived falling from a second-story window.

Petersburg police responded around 7 p.m. April 12 for reports of a child falling out of a window at the Pin Oaks Estates apartment complex on Sandlewood Court.

Amazingly, the toddler’s mother, Jasmine Ross, said he only lost a tooth during the fall.

"I was just so worried,” Ross said. “I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown."

Ross said Tuesday she was out getting groceries when the accident happened.

Petersburg Police Captain Brian Braswell said the toddler climbed on a chair and fell out the window of the apartment.

"He fell off concrete,” Ross said. “That’s nothing but God right there. I just thank him a lot."

Ross added her brother and aunt were home at the time, but were either sleeping or in the shower.

She said her son does push chairs around and likes to look out windows due to his curious personality.

"He’s a really happy boy,” Ross said. “He’s really active and he loves to get into things."

Things have changed around the apartment, according to Ross. She and her family want to prevent a situation like this from happening again.

"All of our windows are locked now,” she said. “Everything is locked down. He can’t push chairs [anymore] and can’t get to [anything]. He’s got a playpen for him to be in now, for him to play in."

That playpen was given to them by the Department of Social Services who looked into this incident, Ross said.

"Everybody calls him the miracle baby now,” she added. “He’s fine, he’s healthy… he’s walking good."

Ross also gives credit to a neighbor who jumped into action after seeing Kyree fall out the window.

"He saw something white coming out the window,” she said. “He was in the car with his uncle and he hurried up and got out of the car and ran to the back."

Kyree was airlifted to VCU Medical Center; he was discharged a few days later.

"I was just so happy that they said nothing was wrong with him and that everything is good," Ross said.

Meanwhile, dozens of NBC12 viewers sent prayers to the family while tuning into the Facebook Live on the situation. It’s something Ross greatly appreciated.

"I thank y’all for praying for him,” she said. “I thank the world. I just want y’all to know my son is fine now and I just thank him a lot. I just thank all your prayers and blessings coming my way for him."

Braswell said they have not filed any charges in this case.

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