Why Choose St. Petersburg Florida For A Vacation With Your Family?

Have you ever gone to the state of Florida before? If you have, you have likely been to the Florida Keys, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or even Tallahassee. A place that you may not have gone in St. Petersburg, a city that is very close to Tampa on the other side of Tampa Bay. For those that have been to the West Coast of Florida before, you will know that you will see beautiful sunsets, and you can gain access to boats that will show you dolphins and manatees. This is exactly what you will experience, and so much more, when you spend a week or more in St. Petersburg Florida

Why Should This Be Perfect For Families?

When you think of a Florida vacation that is geared for kids, you are always going to think about Orlando. This is the city that is one of the most incredible on earth when it comes to amusement parks and other attractions. However, if you take your kids to St. Petersburg, there are quite a few things that they will have fun doing. For instance, you can go on the Dolphin Watch Cruise which allows them to not only see these amazing mammals, but you will be able to also go snorkeling with your kids in the water. They will get to see beautiful fish up close, and if they are lucky enough to see a dolphin swimming through, they will remember that their entire life. Additionally, there are parks where they can see actual alligators in a completely safe environment. At the very least, take them down to the beach, or over to Treasure Island, where they can really get to see how warm the water is. They can have fun playing in the sand, making sand castles, and they can also swim out in the waters which are very clear and warm most of the year.

You Should Schedule Your Trip This Week

Scheduling a trip to St. Petersburg should be done as soon as you can. If you have a vacation planned, and you have a week or two, definitely go here. If you have been looking at taking a vacation to a place that is warm, where your kids can have access to the beaches, this is the place to be. Find out more today about booking your trip, and by booking early, you will likely save money on the hotel and flight, not to mention all of the activities.